Saturday, March 13, 2010

A vacation in my own City

Why is it that I have lived in the San Diego area for years and I'm still discovering amazing, new, beautiful places? I honestly cannot figure it out.

I'm so glad that I took my friends up on an offer to go to the Oceanside Harbor. I was a little bit leery at first.... usually when I think of Oceanside I think of the pier area- and that area is a little rundown. I'm not sure if I'd feel totally comfortable walking over there by myself with two kids. But the harbor area is totally different. It was gorgeous!
Here are some of the great parts :
It has 2 great kid parks right on the beach (with swings - definite plus!)
It has a marina where you can look at all the different boats (so relaxing)
It also has this adorable little boardwalk area where there are a bunch of little mom and pop shops (and lots of little trinkets- so fun)
And they have amazing fish and chips! Great taste and HUGE servings!

I saw these posts in the sand by the playground and thought they were interesting. I'm honestly not sure what they were at one time. I'm thinking it was maybe a pier? But the water seems a bit low for that. I don't know. I'm sure I could Google it if I was curious enough. But I think it adds some character and makes a great picture :)

My girlfriends and I sat right next to the water and ate some great food! Yea, we had the kids, but it was so beautiful that we honestly felt like we were on vacation. I need to take more trips like that. And I have a feeling that if the weather stays nice I'll be able to do more "at home" exploring.

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