Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Homemade Ravioli

Insanity? Possibly. I'm not really sure what got into me. The good thing is that it turned out to be a successful adventure. Although fair warning it took a long time!

I started out by peeling the butternut squash and removing the seeds. Then I chopped up the squash into pieces about 1 inch by 1/2 inch. I coated the squash in olive oil. Seasoned with some salt and pepper and some thyme. I also added a splash of balsamic vinegar to give some depth to the flavor. Place in an oven about 350-375 for about an hour. You need to cook it till you can stick a fork in it and it can go through easily. Cooking time and temp will vary from oven to oven so just use your best baking senses.

After squash is cooked and cooled puree it. You can also mash it with a fork or a mash potato masher. All ways listed work. Just mash it up till all big chunks are removed.

To make pasta:
2 cups flour, 3 eggs, 1/2 tsp. salt.

Make a bowl with the flour and whisk eggs in a circular motion. The flour will pull itself into the egg/flour mixture as you continue to stir. Once the dough starts to take shape kneed in the rest of the flour. Kneed it till firm and a tight dough. After the dough is made let it rest at room temp for 1 hour to let the gluten settle.

Once dough is ready roll into a strip. Make sure the dough is not sticky - it will not go through the dough press if it is. Add flour if necessary. Roll out dough according to manufacturers directions for your pasta press. Once you get a sheet, press your ravioli cutter to make squares.

Add less than a teaspoon of butternut squash puree to the pasta square.

Dip your finger in water and spread around the edge of the pasta. Then apply the top square. Press to seal. Seal well!
Boil till cooked :)

For the sauce I just browned some butter with some thyme leaves. Then spooned some over the ravioli. It tastes like fall. Amazing!


  1. Once you pulled out the pasta press, it did sort of cross over into "crazy person" territory for me. I hope that you got the appreciation you deserved for this meal. :-)

  2. Ugh, now you're going to make me want to get out my pasta press........ I've got the ravioli attatchment, too! Going to put it on my list ;)

  3. It's a labor of love I only attempt about once a year- lol!


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