Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom's Night In

I am very lucky that I live in a neighborhood with lots of moms. We've all become friends in the past few years. It's always good to have other women to whine to when life gets tough. Which is why periodically we have a mom's night in. Tonight it's at my house. I sent out e-vites last week to "Mom's Whine Night" (did you get the pun?). Basically it's a night where we all get together and vent and laugh. We have way too much wine (but it's ok- because we can all stumble home since we all live in the same neighborhood). And we end up eating way too many goodies. I'm making my homemade roasted balsamic mushroom risotto --it's becoming famous within my group of friends. And I just finished making chocolate cupcakes with a whipped chocolate/espresso buttercream. Yum... I also grabbed 4 bottles of wine to start with- my girlfriend is bringing 3 more (Denise- I'm so glad we planned this!) I cleaned like a maniac all day even though I got the official "ok" to leave the house a mess from at least 3 moms. Not sure why I feel the need to clean constantly. Hmmm... wonder if I have some O.C.D. issues. Well, if I do they benefit my house.

Now I just wait till the kids go to bed. We planned it late enough that the moms could put the kids to bed and then come over. This way the hubbies don't have to actually watch the kids- thus they don't have any reason to object to tonight :) Devious? Possibly... desperate for a cheap night out with the girls? Definitely! I'm off to go dust some more- not that anyone will notice after their first glass of wine. Hope you all have a great night planned sometime soon too!

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  1. I feel like a BLOG star!! :) Thanks for doing this! It was a wonderful and well needed night for many of us! I am greatly blessed by your friendship.


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