Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Decorations

I'm not that into decorating for Easter. I usually leave it up to the Earth. I figure all the sunny days and beautiful flowers sprouting up are enough to welcome in spring. But I found some really cute decorations that I couldn't pass up. The first was an egg tower (?). I'm calling it that for lack of a better name. I love how I have a lot of colorful eggs stacked on my kitchen table (and I didn't have to boil and dye them!)

The second is this set of a Momma and a Pappa bunny. It was so cute with the lil baby bunnies popping out of the basket. I typically stay away from large decorations.....but I went for it with these two. They are almost 2 feet tall each! Kinda crazy - but really cute.

Now that I have some decorations out I'm hoping that the spring cleaning bug will bite me.


  1. Thanks! It's such a versatile tower too! I use it a lot for serving and decorating.


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