Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick weeknight meal

One thing I love about spring is all the fresh vegetables. This past weekend we went to a produce market. It's was this small market with locally grown produce. I loved being able to buy the veggies and know that they came from a mile away. Some were even picked that morning! Doesn't get much fresher than that! I got lots of super fresh veggies and my pocketbook got lots of great deals - everyone was happy!

I picked up some mushrooms, garlic, asparagus and basil at the market on Sunday. It's now Wed. and I knew I needed to start using some of the vegies because I knew they weren't going to last forever. So I threw together a delicious meal using these ingredients. The only things I added were orzo pasta (although any pasta would work), olive oil (I always have that on hand), I added a can of diced tomatoes (although fresh ones would have been great) and I also added a couple parmesean shavings at the end (I had it on hand too).

What I did:
I put E.V.O.O (extra virgin olive oil) in a pan on med-high heat, added sliced mushrooms, then added minced garlic. I wanted the mushrooms to absorb all that garlicy flavor :) Toss around in the pan and cook them for maybe 5-7 minutes or till they start to get light golden brown. Don't burn your garlic! If they aren't golden brown it's ok- turn the heat down because it's important not to overcook your garlic. I added a can of diced tomatoes and cooked for a couple minutes more then added chopped basil. Let simmer for a minute or so and done. Spoon over cooked orzo and serve. I added some parmesean shavings ontop of mine....because I love cheese :) But it's optional- do what you want. I steamed my asparagus on the side and it went really well with the pasta. Some diced up chicken would go really well too. Or some fish! It's so versatile and took maybe 15-20 minutes. Love it!

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