Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More notable cut-outs


Real mice make me go "eeek!" But there's something about these mouse cutouts that I love. Maybe it's the fact that I think they are kinda cute and they are not real... I'm definitely not fond of the real kind.

I put my mice around my fireplace tiles so it looks like they're scampering up to their hole.

I'm thinking of adding some more mice to the top shelves of my fireplace.... it seems a bit bare to me. What do you think??

I think I have some more tracing and cutting to do! If you'd like to do this craft you should try it! It's so simple! Click here for the Martha Stewart template. Then trace your template on black paper or black card stock. Remember my painters tape tip, it works great for the mice too! When you go to store your adorable mice for next Halloween separate them with wax paper and store in a manila envelope to prevent bending. Enjoy!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween is in the air.... or rather on my walls!

This post is from my blog:

I love, love, love Halloween. I'm basically a holiday nut if I'm being honest. But I think I'm so obsessed with Halloween because it's the first of the big 3 holidays in my book... ya know... Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are the 3 holidays that I go all out! I just couldn't restrain myself this past weekend and I took the decorations out. Some of the first decorations to come out were the hand made ones. Last year I spent a lot of time cutting paper.... and I must say I think it was worth it. I cut bats out of card stock last year and I taped them to my walls. This is what they look like:

....And yes, that is a handmade "Happy Halloween" banner. I'll show you how I made it in a later post. And of course I had to make a hanging bat. We named him Henry. I'm not sure why but he's special since he hangs up side down. This year he's by our back door curtains.... he moves every year :)

To be honest, these bats took some time to cut out. But once they're done I really think they are worth it. I think it's an easy and affordable decoration too! I highly suggest you give it a try. All you need is some black card stock, scissors and tape. To get the bats to stick to my satin wall paint I had to use painters tape (aka the blue tape at your local hardware store).... and a lot of it. But it comes off really easily without damaging the walls! I got this idea from the Martha Stewart magazine. And I give this one 2 thumbs up! Martha Stewart used to have the bat templates available online, but she recently removed these since she's now selling packs of the pre-made bat cave silhouettes. The easiest way to make this at home would be to search online for a bat silhouette, find one you like, print it out, and trace the outline onto card stock. I hope you find this little craft as fun as I did. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Course....

I'm starting a new blog! It'll be full of tips and tricks and reviews of crafts and baked goods I've made. I'll be teaching you how to make the items yourself. If you've been following my blog here please follow my blog there. I'm really excited about it and will be putting in most of my efforts and focus into it. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picking Apples

On Sunday we went to "Riley's at Los Rios Rancho" in Oak Glen. This is our 3rd annual trip to pick apples as a family and it didn't disappoint. The kids even got to pet some goats....which they enjoyed a lot! 

And this year was a "bumper crop" which basically means they have a lot of apples. A LOT! It was amazing! There were a ton!

Overall it was a wonderful day and we got lots of great pictures....which is basically why we do addition to the memories :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Ready

This weekend we'll be making our annual trip to Oak Glen. It's this little town in the mountains with a whole lot of orchards. We go there in the fall to pick apples as a family. The grandparents and aunts and uncles come too! It's a big family tradition that we top off with a big piece of apple pie! :) This is the weekend that means fall is officially here (for us). It also means that next week I'm going to be making a whole lot of apple pies and maybe I can sneak in a pumpkin pie- oh how I just adore pumpkin pie. Yummm..... least to say, I can't wait for Sunday. Fall is my season and I'm so ready for it to be here. 

...more apple pictures to come next week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Some days I feel like I'm caught in a rip current. Life is crashing down all around me and I'm trying to go one way yet getting pulled in the wrong direction. After struggling for so long anyone's arms and legs will get's days like this that it's nice to stop and just breathe. Realize it's all ok. I'm ok. I'm here, now. Every moment is a moment that has foot forward.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

With all the changes that have been going on I've been exhausted. Exhausted and I've been thinking.... I'm thinking about taking a break from the baking business for a bit. I've felt like it's been taking over my life for a while. I love my customers and I love making the cakes but I'm missing out on time with my kids. It kinda hit home when my son got home from school this week and said, "mommy will you play with me?" and I had to sigh and then say "mommy can't right now, she has to go make a cake." It's like this every week. And I just am thinking to myself, "how much longer is he going to want to play with mommy?".... probably not much longer. My husband works hard so I can be home with the kids and I feel like the point of him working is so I can be here for the kids, so what am I doing? I'm going to take a break and focus on the family for a bit :) Before I know it both kids will be in school and I'll have more time on my hands to bake....and I'm not quiting completely...just slowing it down a lot :) 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

This past Monday was my oldest son's first day of kindergarten. I must say it was a crazy day. There was a lot of emotion on that day. I wasn't one of the mom's who was sobbing- but I did shed a couple tears. My son was very excited, I think it the transition was harder for me than it was for him. I was really tired the second day of waking up at 6 am. I was not used to the early morning schedule, although day 3 has been a little bit easier. I think all in all I'm getting used to the morning traffic and school parking. But it's still a little weird :)
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