Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Hooky

My hubby is a very reliable man. When he is actually sick, he doesn't take a sick day. He "powers through" as he would say. But yesterday, he took the day off in the middle of the week. And where the best place to go in southern California if you're taking the day off?? You might have said the beach, fair guess, but my hubby doesn't like the sand. Well... we went to Disneyland!!!

We had such a fun time. We just got our year long passes so I've been going a lot. But it was fun to go with my hubby during the week. Recently I've been discovering so many fun facts about Disneyland that I never knew before. For example.... you can get free ice water in a cup with a lid at any of the food places. I never knew that. I'll post more fun facts later, and I think I might have to do an entire post on the New Orleans area. I love that area. The buildings really look like New Orleans. And the beads hanging off the railing. All the shade. It very well might be one of my favorite places in Disneyland.

I think everyone needs to play hooky every once and a while, whether you're playing hooky at Disneyland or whether you're just play hooky from your household chores for a day. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

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