Saturday, May 29, 2010

Paper Bag Craft (4th of July Decorating)

Finally! I have a moment to get started on that 4th of July craft! So what can I do with some colored paper bags and a stapler?? I think I can make a really cute decoration.

1) I started with paper bags colored red, white and blue.

2) I stapled one side of the paper bag to one side of another colored paper bag. I want the side of the bag to be able to stretch open. I stapled about an inch in from the top.

3) I continued stapling the different colors together until I got this:

Now I need to get some double stick tape to apply at the base of the bags. See how there are some gaps? I'd like them to be flush with each other. But I think this is a pretty good start for some bags and staples. You might just have to wait till the 4th to see the final product :)

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