Friday, May 14, 2010

Minor Disasters

Here's your mental image: tan goop flying through the air. It came bounding over the kitchen ledge and hit the tile in the dining room. That tan goop was a rum-caramel. And it got everywhere. My one saving grace was that my husband came running in and immediately started helping. I think he saw the tears starting to form and it scared him..... although he did get mad when I got the camera to take pictures.... oops :)

Why I was making a rum - caramel concoction? My hubby asked me to make him bananas fosters cupcakes for his birthday. I made the banana cupcakes first. Then I melted butter, brown sugar and rum together to make the sauce in which I usually use for bananas fosters. I layered the sauce on the cupcakes to form a caramel type layer then topped with vanilla buttercream. They turned out so yummy. I was even impressed! Which is hard to do because I eat a lot of cake. Here's pics of the cupcakes after we cleaned up the kitchen:

I topped the cupcakes with a fondant circle with birthday wishes and a bowling ball. He decided that he wanted to go bowling for his birthday. I must admit it was fun, even though I am horrible at bowling. I think I almost threw the ball a couple times into the gutter, and no- not on purpose!

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