Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In our household, we have lots of traditions! But one that I find especially fun is the mistletoe tradition. I hang a mistletoe and garland ball (picked it up at a local craft store many years ago) in our stairwell on December 1st.
I definitely recommend buying a mistletoe replica if you have kids in the house. No one will notice and it's so much safer.....since mistletoe is poisonous. It's kinda interesting that a poisonous, parasitic plant somehow represents a tradition of kissing. But... it does. And I love it!
I wait under it while my hubby is saying goodbye to the kids in the morning....waiting for my turn :) The kids are starting to get into the tradition too. I make a point to stop under it and give the kids a smooch. I believe that sometimes it is the simple things that make the best memories. So go ahead! Add some mistletoe to your decorations and make some special holiday memories of your own. Hope you have as much fun kissing in your house as we do in ours!

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