Friday, December 4, 2009


My husband and I decided we were done Christmas shopping after we walked out of Target with a cart full of toys and a couple of hundred dollars poorer. And December is my birthday month. So we are now officially broke (I'm sure we're not alone). Not the type of broke where we don't have food or clothes. I'm just not allowed to go shopping for any "extras" or as my husband would say "non-necessities". Which is totally fair. Now, it's back to work- not that I wouldn't be working even if it wasn't December.

I had a custom cake order due on Friday. It's a polka dot fondant cake with sculpture. I love making fondant sculptures because they turn out so cute. Plus, they're totally edible. This cake has a fondant bee sculpture which I think is adorable!

Should you dare to ask what my kids are doing while I'm working? They are totally making a mess! I actually had them set up to decorate sugar cookies. And yes, I bought the Pillsbury snowman pre-cut sugar cookies that you just pop on the pan. I know, I'm a baker. But ya know- that's what my kid wanted and --- it's easy. Obviously, I'd never sell something like that- but for the kids to decorate? Does it really matter? Probably not- they had fun. And made a complete mess.

I was watching them thinking:
It's really amazing how the frosting ended up smeared on her forehead within 2 seconds of setting it in front of her. Wow- is it in her ear???
"Oh Taylor, don't lick the knife"- well, it's a really dull plastic... they might as well call it a spoon...actually I think I cut my tongue once on a spoon.
Doesn't matter anymore- they've discovered the sprinkles.
Wow- Kaden is being very precise. Hmmm.... is he having fun? He kinda looks stressed. Oh, there's a smile. Never mind.
Oh my gosh, they have frosting everywhere. Kinda looks like a mud fight... deep breaths.
"Don't get down off that chair!!" ok- enough "Time for bath!"

Yea- the cookie decorating didn't last all that long. But the kids had fun and I took pictures to remember. We have a cookie decorating play date next week...I wonder if it'll turn out this messy. Gosh I hope not. Ok, it's for the memories. Do it for the memories. Must create memories. Memories. ok.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Mom never let us decorate sugar cookies for this exact reason. You are both brave and sweet to give them frosting and sprinkles to play with... however, I have no idea how you managed to concentrate on making that adorable bee with all this going on in the background. That cake turned out SO cute!


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