Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road trip? Oh yea!

After many nights staying up baking and decorating, I'm ready for a vacation! I absolutely am giddy thinking about it! We're driving up from San Diego to Mineral, CA. A very long drive.... not really looking forward to that part. I've offered to drive part of the way and then my husband will drive the rest of the way. It's a 10 hour drive. I know you must be wondering why drive?

Here's the reasons:
1) with kids driving is soooo much easier and even with ridiculous gas prices it's cheaper.
2) We're going into the snow so packing 4 snow outfits would take up at least 2 suitcases.
3) I don't even know how to put a snowboard on an airplane.
4) last time we rented a car we ended up with a 1997 Oldsmobile (no offense, I swear) but...I like my car better... Ok, that was totally mean but...when it's not "your car" and it has crumbs in the cup holders it's just kinda nasty.
5) Our trip back down is all about driving... keep reading I'll explain.

We're driving up to spend the weekend with our friends at their cabin and play in all the new snow! Just that sentence alone sounds like fun! Obviously, I'm a snow-deprived San Diegan. And yes, I know what to expect, I'm actually from Texas and have horrible memories of having to push my parents mini-van out of a snow bank. But I'm excited for the memories my kids will have from this. Plus, spending time with some of our closest friends on the planet is so worth 10 hours of driving.

On the way back we're stopping at the Monterey aquarium for the day.

Then spending the night in San Louis Obispo at the amazing "Apple Farm" Hotel.

Then....yes, there's more :) we are driving to Santa Barbra in the morning and spending the day there.

Then we'll drive back home. I can't believe that I'm actually looking forward to a "road trip." That word strikes horror into my bones! But, the places I listed are some of my favorite and I really think it'll be fun.... as long as a kid doesn't vomit in the car.

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