Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain? I think not....

So I've been doing these rainy day posts....well, as of tonight I'm thinking I should call them crazy day posts. Yesterday my shutter came crashing off of my house and shattered next to my front door. To say the least it scared me silly and agitated my dog. Then while my kids and I are sitting down to dinner my son says "Look mom it's snowing!" Umm...wha? We live in So. Cal. I see the ocean (from a distance) almost every day. It does not snow here. For the record it wasn't snow, it was ice. LOTS OF IT! Here are some pics I had to share of our front walkway.

And yes those brown pieces of wood to the side are the remainders of my shutter.


  1. CRAZY! It looks sort of glittery and pretty though (I guess we can say that since this never happens).

  2. HAha! Yes- It was pretty. It had a nice crunching sound underneath Duke's paws and Kaden decided it was fun to eat - lol. I made sure he only ate from the top of clean piles. It was very very loud though. I had to yell so the kids could hear me say it was just the storm- nothing to worry about kids! Just screaming at the top of my lungs and have a frantic look in my eye- it's all cool.

  3. Wow... that's a bit nuts for So. Cal!!!! I mean, we typically get 24 inches all year in eastern Washington, but not this year, it's like 50! Nuts!

  4. Seriously nuts! I think it's cause it's an El Nino year- I could be totally wrong though.


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