Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrating the New Year with Friends

Yes! No more cold!!! I'm finally over the worst cold I've ever had. The thing lasted almost 2 weeks! Which was absolutely horrible-- because as I've stated mom's don't get sick days. But now I'm ready to put the dark days behind me and welcome in a new year. I have a lot of hopes for 2010. One being that it'll be a better year than 2009 was. Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful memories from this past year. There were lots of precious moments and great celebrations last year.

Since we have young kids, we didn't really do anything on New Year's Eve. But on New Year's Day we had some of our friends over for a small dinner party. For appetizers we had chibata bread and cambazola cheese. The smokey flavor of chibata bread accents that cheese wonderfully- you have to try it!! For the salad I made a hearts of palm and prosciutto salad with parmesano regiano shavings on top....yum. For dinner I made chicken picata, risoto with crimini mushrooms and roasted asparagus. For desert we had french almond and fruit tarts. And I pared the meal with three wines. A rose to go with the salad and two white wines to go with the main course.

There is something about good food and good company that just makes me happy inside. It was a great way for us to start off this year. Did any of you do something special to start off 2010??


  1. Mmmmm... this all sounds so yummy. Who needs wild nights on the town when you can stay in with good food and good company?

  2. I agree!!! Plus, no hangover :D


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