Friday, January 15, 2010

My Soda Crutch

The sugar challenge is going well so far! I thought it was going to be impossible to give up soda. I love soda. I'm not obsessed- but I definitely like a diet coke every now and then. I've also relied on soda to help curb hunger when dieting. Which, I'm kinda dieting right now. I say kinda because it isn't a "diet" it's just me trying to eat healthier. I know what you all are thinking! Honey butter?! Right? Ok, ok. That was my splurge. Everyone is allowed to splurge every now and then. But my saving grace has been this product called "La Croix." It's sparkling water that comes in different flavors. The best part- it is calorie and sodium free with no artificial sweeteners. When you look on the back of the can it's a big zero all the way down the nutritional facts. It's really helped me in the afternoons when I get the munchies but it's not time for dinner yet. I grab a can and it makes me feel like I'm having a soda. I know, it's slightly pathetic....but I'm trying. Enough about depressing diet struggles it's time for a fun recipe.

La Croix Skinny Mojito
8 oz glass
2 sprigs fresh mint
3 wedges fresh lime
4-6 packets sweetener organic zero (whole foods)
crushed ice
1.5 oz. clear "lite" rum only (approx. 48 calories)
6 oz. lime La Croix sparkling water

Squeeze fresh limes over mint leaves. Muddle mint, lime juice and sweetener. Add crushed ice. Add rum and La Croix. Garnish with mint leaves and fresh limes.

For the record, I'm trying this recipe on Saturday night. I can't believe that it's only 48 calories! I love glad that this is one thing I can splurge on and not feel guilty!

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