Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day Spotlight on Angels

This spotlight is on "hush, hush" bu Becca Fitzpatrick and "Kissed by an Angel" trilogy by Elizabeth Chandler.

Did you get sucked into the Stephanie Meyer Twilight craziness? Well, forget the vampires, angels are in. I combined these books because they are both full of suspense and romance and really hot angels.

In "hush, hush" our main character Nora finds herself attracted to Patch even though everything about him screams danger. Nora finds herself in a series of terrifying encounters which lead her into the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those who have fallen....

In the "Kissed by an Angel" trilogy Ivy's boyfriend Tristan dies and becomes her guardian angel. Their love is so strong that they find each other even in death. Ivy needs Tristan more than ever because Tristan's killer is now after Ivy. All three of the books are contained in the one book....kinda confusing since it's called a trilogy and you only have to buy one book.

Both of the books I listed are great reads and deserve their own spotlight...but since I'm not sure how much longer this rain will last I combined them. If you like the angel idea look out for a new angel series by one of my fav. authors Abra Ebner (I'll be doing a spotlight on one of her book series later in the week).

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