Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beautiful La Jolla

Sometimes.... actually.... frequently it's easy to live somewhere and never take advantage of the wonderful things in your town. For example, we live in San Diego and rarely make it down to the beach. With a possibility of moving in the near future I wanted to get out and embrace San Diego. This last weekend we went down to La Jolla. Our family spent the afternoon playing on the grassy park above seal beach. The kids enjoyed climbing on these trees which seemed to be living art. They were so beautiful being carved by nature into these masterpieces of winding branches and etched bark. Absolutely beautiful.

There are some breathtaking views in La Jolla. I took my time letting the scenes imprint themselves into my mind. Being next to crashing waves always makes my soul feel a little lighter. To have my eyes overflowing with a scene of beauty and power feels so inspiring. That must be why I've wanted to sculpt with clay all week. I am a painter and sculpture.... or rather was....before kids. Now I funnel all of my artistic needs into my bakery's cakes.

But when my soul becomes overwhelmed with the beauty of nature sometimes that artistic hunger starts clawing at me again. I'm hoping when I come back from vacation I won't be bombarded with bakery orders and I can take a moment for myself to sculpt. Here's to wishing!


  1. Such great scenery - you can't help but feel inspired. Love this.

  2. Thanks! It was so gorgeous! I just hope the inspiration sticks around for a while :)

  3. It is amazing how much beauty surrounds us, wherever we are, and wherever we go. We are blessed to be able to see it, to recognize it, and to be inspired by it.


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