Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magical Hills

While driving through California the rolling green hills took my breath away. It was so beautiful. Especially around the Napa area. The grass there looks like velvet. It's almost as if the hills around that area are magical. I told my husband while we were driving through the hills that "it wouldn't surprise me if a unicorn came galloping down the hill". That statement was quickly followed by another "I can totally imagine knights riding into a battle on these hills". Ok, in all fairness we had been in the car for a long time! And after a few hours in the car I cannot control my imagination. My husband, such an amazing man, totally understands me and expects those types of statements at this point in our marriage so it did not surprise him. He just glanced at me and did the head nod thing. I found I could not tear my gaze away as the midst started to roll in like a heavy blanket gingerly resting upon the velvety hills. Utterly captivating.


  1. I totally do this too -- but I expect to see leprechauns. Maybe delusions run in the family?

  2. haha! :D I wonder what that says about us? It's fun!


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