Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing Dress-up

Fairy wings, feather boas and princess tiaras have hit my house full force. It's happen before but it looks like a dress-up trunk bomb went off in my living room. No one has escaped un-dressed. My son has become a prince in long white gloves and my daughter has become a princess bride (I will remind my children of this moment when they hate each other in their teenage years). I am wearing two different clip on earrings (ouch!) and even Duke (our dog) was dressed with a feather boa.

My childish side is having fun with the whole dress-up thing. Or maybe it's that extra cup of coffee I had this morning that is finally kicking in. Some days you just have to embrace what's handed to you and run with it. Even as an adult I find myself playing dress-up. When my hubby and I have a night out I find myself pulling out multiple outfits, trying them on and then debating which one to wear. I guess dress-up never ended for me, it just evolved as I got older. Hope you all have a fun, dress-up kind of day!


  1. Do not tell me you have a Great Dane!!!!! JEALOUS!!

  2. Yes, Duke is a great dane :) I fell in love with that breed when I was a dog trainer. He's 3, 140 lbs. and such a love!


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