Monday, February 15, 2010


As we were driving up to the cabins I was astounded at the amount of snow that was piled next to the road. I expected snow.... but I guess I expected that nice carpeted snow with the huge snow flakes falling ever so gently from the sky..... um...yea... I guess I had the typical Hollywood version playing in my head. To say the very least, there was a lot of snow!

When it wasn't raining it was snowing, which is surprisingly wet. We had a lot of fun sledding and inner-tubing down the slopes. Once we made it to the slope. It was a week's work out just getting there. One step in and you'd fall down to your waist in snow. Then you obviously had to wiggle and crawl your way out and continue up the hill to the slope..... mental note: sticking to the ice path to get to the slope. I'd rather fall on my butt then have to crawl across the snow. My husband decided to build a large snow/ice ramp at the bottom of the slope. The guys had fun going down the slope and getting some "air" once they reached the ramp. Well, I got some "AIR" when I went down. Yep, I came down from "catching air" I'm figuring it must have launched me at least 5' 4" into the air. It was actually a lot of fun. I felt like a kid....until I went down on the plastic sled....face butt padding.... then I felt 80. I am still sore in my legs. I know, pathetic. But what can I say? I'm not a teenager anymore.... I'm the ripe old age of 25- lol! And feeling more and more like 80 every day!

I loved visiting the snow and my kids did too. They really loved the hot chocolate and marshmallows they received in big mugs when they came in from playing in the snow. Thanks Heather! The views of the mountains and snow were absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. We could not have been happier with the time we spent at the cabin in the snow. One of my best memories of our time there was at night while sitting next to the fire as the snow came down outside. My husband, myself and our dear friends (Heather and Matt) gathered in the living room in our jamies. We laughed and reminisced about old times and talked about future times. Matt introduced us to a high quality whiskey (it honestly wasn't as vile as the others I've sniffed). We all took a shot, convulsed and gagged as it went down - then sat back and were in awe at the small furnace that ignited inside of our chests. Next time I might pass on the whiskey but the company and laughs were priceless.

But I must say, I am very glad I do not actually live in the mountains. I came to that conclusion after shoveling the snow off the back deck. I know, only the back deck! Pathetic! I can't even imagine the shoveling my husband did to get the car unburied. So yes, I am a pampered San Diegan and very appreciative that it's 74 degrees and sunny here right now.

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