Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Monday?

Monday is always such a sad day for me. It means that the weekend is over and that I'm back to the daily grind....which always includes way too much laundry. Grrrr. Yes, I'm not a happy Monday person. Trust me, it's good that I realize this. This way when a person cuts me off on the road and I want to yell "What the heck?! How did you get a license?!" it may be that I'm super grumpy on Mondays that is provoking this type of reaction. Darn Mondays.

In order to combat my internal reactions to Mondays I like to surround myself with peacefulness and happy thoughts. I'm such an animal lover and animals just make my soul feel good. Probably why my first job was a veterinary assistant and my second job was at PetsMart as an avian specialist. I got to play with macaws and other parrots. That made me happy. Bagging fish, cleaning tanks, and getting jumped on by crickets- not so happy. See, I really need better control of myself on Mondays- everything turns grumpy- even memories. I won't traumatize you by describing my memories of being bitten by hamsters and rats- pet rats, but they were still rats. That's probably why I then became a dog trainer. I really enjoyed that. Now I take all of my animal loving from Duke, my dog. And when I really need a pick me up, I visit the zoo. So I'm leaving you with a few of my happy zoo pictures. Maybe this can bring you a little peace today too.

In case you were wondering, these pictures were from our vacation when we stopped at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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