Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Bye Reality!

Is it sad that I'm so excited to check out of reality?? Hmm... Maybe I should rephrase that:

Goodbye screaming children who are bored by the mundane activities of everyday life (no I'm not leaving my kids- but they will not be bored while on vacation).

Goodbye endless mountain of laundry that haunts my dreams nightly (I can't begin to think of how much laundry I'll have to do when I get back).

Goodbye endless supply of black dog hair that catches my eye every time I look at the white baseboards (I will miss you Duke, but I'll be back soon and then we can snuggle)

Goodbye horrendous tile that glares up at me daily with your white grout that now is a greyish color. I hate scrubbing you. (I love you shag carpet)

Goodbye saying goodbye to my hubby early in the morning and waiting all day to see him again. I'm really looking forward to lots of family time.

Now lets just hope we all stay healthy and no one gets sick. My son has a typical cough (his Achilles heel) but no one is contagiously sick or feverish (knock on wood). I'm sure I'll have tons to blog about when I get back but in the mean time if you get bored check out some of my favorite blogs:

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