Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful Prep Time

Right now it's the "calm before the storm" as I like to call it. Next week is the start of a very busy few weeks for me. I have lots of cake orders coming up and a wedding cake due next Friday. It's too early to do much about these cakes. So this is my mental prep time. I'm basically doing all the possible laundry, vaccuming and anything that might get left by the way side during the busy time. I also started on the wedding cake bow. It will be the topper for the wedding cake with cascading ribbon down the sides of the cake. A simple, yet elegant design. Here's the bow so far:

For never having made a bow before I think it's not too shabby - and honestly, it looks even better in person. The key is in getting a ribbon that has wire in it. You can make the wire hold almost any shape. Agenda for tomorrow will be a complete mental holiday....aka...Disneyland. I've learned that I handle stress and what I call "go-go-go syndrome" if I've had a good rest. And no I don't mean sit on my couch rest- although that's nice. Sometimes I just need a day or two to clear my head and then I can be more productive :) Maybe tomorrow's your mental holiday as well- if so enjoy! 

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