Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Finally! It's hit me! If you're wondering what I'm talking about it's spring cleaning time! During the winter I do all the typical house chores. But come Jan-March the clutter starts to bug me. I can't bring myself to go super commando organization freak on it though. I need that energy that hits me in spring. And it's finally hit me! Yay!!! All this week I'm going to organize my house. It feels good to have everything in it's place and labeled. I love that. It doesn't last very long -- only for those first few weeks. It makes me very happy though. Here's my new favorite friend: my blue sticky tape and a good sharpie marker.

Here's a pic of a clean area in the playroom. I'm so happy there's one clean to tackle the rest!

And a pic of how many storage bins I have already organized. Some have holiday decorations in them. And this is only maybe 1/5 of how many I own in my garage. Now that I say that I wonder if I have a storage bin obsession. Hmmm...


  1. Chya! I need to spring clean, especially since the christmas garland is still on the post, the giant halloween spider is still on the wall, and the little scarcrow on a stick is in the planter outside...

    GASP! How did I become one of THOSE people????????

  2. :D LOL! Poor scarecrow.... I'm sending spring cleaning energy thoughts your way!


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