Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My day...

When I have a cake order due I stress. I hate sitting and waiting. I need to be doing- aka- baking. Until I can get in the kitchen and be productive I stress. Must be the control freak in me... The next 3 weekends are full with cake/cupcake orders. This week, lots of stressing. Next week will be less stress but very busy. I need to get started on the fondant figurines due May 1st. Add on a custom cookie order of about 50 cookies and I can feel the late night exhaustion already. This might be my last weekend of sanity.... I say might because I have 2 birthday parties, one luncheon with friends, a grocery shopping trip and a lil-sis in-law arriving at the airport this weekend. Might be a sane weekend.... I'm not counting on it.

Where's the cherry on top of my day???? I nearly brake my finger trying to shake a paint can. Yes, I feel like a complete imbecile. How on Earth can I sculpt with a finger cast on?! It's hard enough typing with this finger brace. And yes, I have a brace because it's pretty bad. I'm actually not 100% sure it's not broken. But if it is- it's broken in a reasonably ok spot. I should be ok to sculpt by next week. I managed to smash my wedding ring finger at the end of the finger. First thing my hubby said was "GET THE RINGS OFF NOW!" My response: "oh yea, thanks babe." followed by some pathetic mice like squeaking noises.


  1. Husband is a smart man! Swelling is never fun!... You remind me that I need to paint the bathroom...

  2. LOL- I need to finish painting the master bedroom. I started over a year ago and we still have one white wall :)


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