Friday, April 9, 2010

Shucking Peas

I have lots of memories from my childhood. Some of them involved our annual trips to Texas. I was born in Texas and all our family is in Texas. Each year, usually around Christmas we'd load up the car and take one heck of a long road trip to Texas from California. Some of my most favorite times were when my mom's whole family was squished into a little 2 bedroom house about the size of a double trailer. The black eyed peas with ham hock would be cooking on the stove. There'd be tons and tons of food. My Grandby (we always called my Grandma this) was convinced we were too skinny (always an ego boost). And my little white haired Great Granny would be rocking away in her rocking chair making a blanket while chewing on her toothpick. She was as blind as could be yet somehow she still managed to make blankets that had beautiful images on them- I have no idea how that's possible. And she'd periodically go check on the black eyed peas. Again... amazing. My Grandby would give me the job of shucking peas and I'd sit on the little kitchen floor and happily shuck peas. I loved those times. That itty bitty house was filled with such amazing smells and so much love.

I got word last night that my Grandby is in kidney failure. This morning she's incoherent and just being made comfortable. The doctors say it could be any time. When my mom called this morning to let me know Grandby's status, she said she was able to talk to her last night. And she said my Grandby is excited to see Paepaw (my Grandpa who passed almost 20 years ago). She said he was coming for her and she was so excited to see him. This was when I started bawiling.

I hope I can live a life like she did. I hope my kids and grandkids have happy memories from my house filled with family and food. I wish my kids could've met her, I regret that they didn't get that chance. Someday, when it's my time I hope someone I love will come to get me. Grandby - I know you can't read this but I love you so much. I'll miss you more than I think anyone knows. Your hand print will always be on my heart.

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  1. So sorry to hear this. keep those memoroes alive for your chuildren. You wull get to be with her someday. I'm praying for your family during this difficult time.


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