Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

It definitely feels like Easter in our house. Last night I hard boiled 60 eggs. I know what your thinking- 60 EGGS!?!?!? I heard from my sister that I am crazy. I'm sure this might be a tad much but last night my hubby ate 4 of them. And this morning he took 2 to work. That means I'm down to 54. Then, the kids dyed 12. Now I'm down to 42 usable eggs to make deviled eggs with. Let alone, should my hubby want some hard boiled eggs after Sunday....see? It's not that many. And we have family coming to our Easter feast tomorrow. Trust me, they'll be gone!

I love Easter! I also love all the veggies that are available in the spring. I found artichokes on sale and that made me so happy! It's the little stuff for me....which now that I said it sounds kinda pathetic. On a side note- the Gorgonzola Vinegrette is delicious. I made it last night and actually found myself wanting to eat the dressing! Amazing. If you missed that blog post the recipe is at:

If you want to do a fun Easter craft with your kids, here's what we did this morning. We made hand flowers. All you need is some pipe cleaner and some paper.
1) Traced the kids hands on paper. 4 hand prints per flower.
2)Cut out the hand prints.
3) Erase any pencil lines.
3) Arrange the hands in a cross pattern ( + ) that way it's even petal distribution.
4) Poke a hole in the middle and put the pipe cleaner through.
5) Create a stem and a stamen with the pipe cleaner. Very easy to do.

Regardless of what crafts or recipes or traditions you do for Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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