Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi! I'm Becca:
*a mother of two rambunctious and adorable kids (yea- I'm busy)
*a wife to a very wonderful husband (he's also my best friend)
*a professional baker who recently started up her own bakery business (that's my passion)
*a sister to a very creative and wonderful sister (check her out!
* a sister-in-law to my other sister and brother (both of whom I love deeply and they rock)
*a daughter (to my parents and my husbands- lots of family)
*a friend (I am so lucky to have such awesome friends)

Basically, I'm me....and if you stick around long enough you'll get to know me pretty well. This is going to be my place to write, vent and create. I'll be honest and open and if I'm lucky maybe you'll find me funny and charming! (hehe...a girl can dream, right?) I'll be posting about my husband, my kids, cooking adventures, crafting, baking and basically my topsy turvy life.

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