Friday, November 20, 2009

My plans for Thanksgiving

Goal #1: I need to make my kids table cards. I made these adorable little turkeys a couple years ago and I've decided to make them again this year. As if I really need another project to do, but what the heck- Thanksgiving only comes once a year right? Anyway, back to my super simple place cards for kids. If you have construction paper, you can make this:

1) Cut out a circle for the turkey's body. I did mine with scalloped edges- I'm not sure why. I think I have scissors that do that pattern.
2) Cut out feathers in a simple almond shape.
3) glue feathers onto turkey body (see, I told you this was simple)
4) Cut out beak, eyes and giblet out of construction paper and glue onto turkey.
5) Cut out talking circle image, write child's name and glue to turkey (almost done!)
6) Cut a skinny rectangle out of extra construction paper. Form into a triangle (one side glued to turkey body, one side on the table and one side at a 45* angle connecting the edge of the table side back to the turkey) to help support the weight of the bird.
You are done and now I need to make my own!

Goal #2: Make my turkey look as good or even better than the one I did the year before. This was my turkey last year and I must say it was delicious. I slather mine with an herb/salt rub and then baste in in butter throughout the baking time. Oh yum.

Goal #3: Arrange an elegant table for the adults. This was my table setting last year and I liked it. I have red chargers that go underneath my china. But this year, I didn't have enough so I had to run to Target to buy another pack (and thank goodness they had the same color I have). Then I take a napkin (this year I'm going with paper- because I don't have enough and don't want the laundry) wrap a ribbon around it. Simple and elegant and cheap! If you can see the gift label on there I used those as place cards. Everyone had different initials and it was tied to a ribbon to use as a wine glass indicator. This year I'll leave them off the napkins but still making my own homemade wine glass tags. There's nothing worse than mixing up wine glasses. I actually went out to the "Crate and Barrel" outlet and bought some new wine glasses. They have great deals there!

Those are some of my main focus points on my to do list. I'll be blogging along the way as I prepare the food and wrangle the turkey!

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