Friday, November 20, 2009

Pecan Tassies or Pecan Tarts?

At my bakery we sell "Pecan Tarts". But....I recently discovered that the proper name for these delicious treats is "Pecan Tassies". I must say Tassie does sound cute. It is a southern treat and Tassie sounds very southern. Here's the problem for me, I grew up with my mom calling them "Pecan Tarts". me that's what they are and the thought of changing the name is just kinda odd to me. But... from a business perspective I should call them "Pecan Tassies". Oh, decisions, decisions....

But regardless what I call them, these little mouthfuls of heaven happen to be a top seller. These are absolutely delicious! When I was growing up our house smelled like "Pecan Tarts" from Thanksgiving through Christmas. So the smell of these baking in my kitchen instantly brings me back to childhood holiday memories. Images of my mother molding the dough in her well loved pan instantly come to me. Funny how a scent can bring you right back to a specific moment in time. I hope my children have great memories like that.

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