Friday, November 20, 2009


If your wondering why all the women have this dazed and crazed look on their faces these days it's because Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I am in charge of the Thanksgiving feast in my house. I nearly said "obviously because I'm the mom" - but then it dawned on me that some husbands actually cook. Unlike my husband who looks at me with puppy dog eyes when I tell him is left overs are in the fridge. Seriously, the man is so spoiled. He barely operates the microwave in this house. But I realize that some men are fully capable of cooking and preparing a delicious home cooked meal (just not my man).
So back to my point- AHHHHhhh!!! Less than a week. And it's not just another dinner.... oh no. It's a meal that is glorified in the magazines and t.v. commercials as a meal to remember. Which pretty much means- this meal has to be perfect because if you mess up; it will NEVER be forgotten. Yikes. That's enough pressure to make anyone insane. But- there's more! Add in a whole lot of people to remember the event. This dinner party is 3 -4 times the size of a normal one and they've been looking forward to this ALL YEAR. wow.
The one good thing is we're all in this together. Unless you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, which is so not fair- it should be mandatory. So ladies (and a couple men who make all other men look bad), when I lift my glass this year at Thanksgiving I'll be thinking of all of you. All your hard work, love and sweat. All your all nighters and early morning turkey in the sink wrangling (that's for a later post). All for the enjoyment and wonderful memories of others. Here's to you!


  1. CHEERS to that! I hear ya! i get the honor of making the dinner this year. I'm so looking forward to it. so much to be thankful for this year! God is good!

  2. Yes! We have so much to be grateful for too! I'm really excited to be serving marines this year too. I will be blogging a lot about it though :D Lots of turkey wrangling to do - lol!

  3. Oh, you are hilarious. Love that picture of you. I don't know why you are always making that face, but it's awesome.


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