Monday, June 28, 2010


In case you've been wondering where I've gone off too...I've been painting. Yes, painting. The kind of painting that's non-stop, shoulder aching, sweat dripping, all day painting. I'm using the fact that family is coming into town next weekend to help me stay motivated. I literally painted all last week! And for those of you who are questioning me- yes, we have a lot of white walls! Or...had. When we first moved into our place it was covered in primer. The entire place.... it's been a long process painting all these walls. I'm sure we could have hired someone to do it- but that's so easy. Where's the fun in that? I finally am finished with most of the painting so I can turn my focus to cleaning and crafting. Here's the before and after of my son's room. He was so excited - it was awesome to see his face light up when I told him it was time to paint his room :)



With help:



  1. Love that shade of blue! I think you are very brave to hand your children paint brushes. ;-)


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