Monday, June 21, 2010

Evicting old "tenants"

We have some big events coming up in my house and lots of family coming to visit. I'm guessing if this year is anything like the previous years I'm going to be one crazed mama come the 4th of July. So I'm preparing super early this year. Starting with taking a deep breath.... breathe in.... and out.. Last week I managed to kick out some "tenants" from my upstairs cabinets. They haven't paid rent or been seen in over 2 years. So they are gone. Which made room I managed to shift some of my other "tenants" around and now they are all nicely categorized and folded. It's such a wonderful feeling -  proper management - or what I like call organization. I refrained from taking pictures of the eviction process, it wasn't pretty. I had no idea how many past due "tenants" there were hiding in those cabinets. It's slightly embarrassing considering that I'm the property manager. I vow to never let that happen again! 

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