Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Love....

Duke. My very own Marmaduke. He's big and cuddly and doesn't realize he weighs 150lbs. I love great danes, always have, probably always will. But Duke is very special to us. He loves to hang out with us. He's always trying to cuddle up next to us, which is kinda funny considering how big he is. 

 When it's story time for the kids, he'll creep into their room and lay by the door. Once the story is over he returns to his own bed.... which is actually a microsuede chaise lounge. The best part about Duke is his heart. He has a very big heart (literally). He's such a love. And like most sweethearts who wear their heart on their sleeve, he wears his on his chest. Isn't that cute?!

 He's definitely an important member of the family. And he's always aware of where the kids are. One night my daughter Taylor decided to get out of her bed and try to sneak downstairs. She made it half way down the stairs. Duke started whining and then he went half way up the stairs. I didn't know what his deal was so I ignored him. I know, it was a Lassie moment and I wasn't tuned in -- well, that's life for ya. He proceeded to curl up next to her and stayed there till I came and picked her up and tucked her back into bed. Just another reason he has an irreplaceable spot in my heart. 

And if you are wondering just how big he is, here he is in comparison to our 2 seater couch. 6-8 cups of food a day. And all heart....well, all heart unless you are a delivery boy. His number 1 job in his mind is to protect. But once he sniffs you thoroughly and decides that you are ok- then he won't leave you alone till you give him lots of pats and love.

I Love Duke 

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