Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love....

Where else can you buy amazing furniture and stock up on Lingonberry preserves?? I love walking through the showroom that has been perfectly laid out by professionals. It makes me think I need to buy everything in the room because if I just buy one piece it will never look that good in my house. But alas, I find a great piece, without feeling like I had to purchase the entire room. And the best part about IKEA is the price. Always affordable! Then as we're leaving the showroom they have the cafe... and it just happens to be super cheap too. To make it better, kids eat free at IKEA now through July 4th.

But one of my favorite things at IKEA is stocking up on all the yummy swedish food. My husband has Swedish in his family line and we try to honor some of the traditions and IKEA makes it soooo much easier for me. Now I'm off to go make some Lingonberry bread


  1. How do you make lingonberry bread? That sounds really good.

  2. They sell these bread mixes at IKEA now. We picked up the lingonberry bread mix. It comes with yeast packets on top. No preservatives, no artificial stuff :)


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