Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer in San Diego

 There are so many things I absolutely adore about summer. One of them is all the fresh fruit in the markets. This is a very good thing because my kids can eat fruits and berries like there is no tomorrow. Last week we stumbled upon some of the most perfect peaches I've ever had.  My husband and I were getting ready to check out at the store and a heavenly smell came wafting through the air. What was it?? Peaches. Fresh, ripe, soft and so ready to be eaten peaches. I couldn't resist so I grabbed a crate of peaches. And when we got them home they did not disappoint. Juicy, soft and so sweet- just how you'd imagine a peach tasting. I was going to take a couple of the peaches and make peach ice cream but this is how it looks today:

So I think I'll just eat these instead :)


  1. Those peaches look SO good...

  2. They are! FYI- we got them at Trader Joe's :)


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