Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY- Home Improvement Projects

This past weekend my husband and I tackled our bathroom lighting issues. The lights above our vanity were horrible. Only 3 lights would actually light up on each fixture. They'd constantly flicker and the sides of the metal backing appear to be rusted. How can they be rusted??? Our place isn't that old! So they are now out! After we installed our new light fixtures I realized we can see every little speck now. Yikes! But honestly, what do you think? Here's the side by side with the old and new:

(did you notice how only 3 lights work on the old one?)

My wonderful hubby

(I'm not sure if you can see the yellow glue marks on the wall- the old light fixtures were GLUED to the wall. Yes, glued! Who does that?!?! )

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