Saturday, September 4, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

With all the changes that have been going on I've been exhausted. Exhausted and I've been thinking.... I'm thinking about taking a break from the baking business for a bit. I've felt like it's been taking over my life for a while. I love my customers and I love making the cakes but I'm missing out on time with my kids. It kinda hit home when my son got home from school this week and said, "mommy will you play with me?" and I had to sigh and then say "mommy can't right now, she has to go make a cake." It's like this every week. And I just am thinking to myself, "how much longer is he going to want to play with mommy?".... probably not much longer. My husband works hard so I can be home with the kids and I feel like the point of him working is so I can be here for the kids, so what am I doing? I'm going to take a break and focus on the family for a bit :) Before I know it both kids will be in school and I'll have more time on my hands to bake....and I'm not quiting completely...just slowing it down a lot :) 


  1. Good luck finding balance, Becca. I know you can do it. :-)

  2. Becca... You're ana amazing baker, but you're a mommy at the end of the day and if you feel you need to take a time out to spend time with your family that's your perogative. You work hard and should enjoy some time off =) I hope around the holidays you are available because who else will make amazing cookies for me? Keep us posted on your future work endeavors =)

  3. Thank you so much Angel! It means a lot hearing that :)


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